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March 20, 2019 – Block X is a Sydney based startup, that is looking to engage with businesses leveraging blockchain for governance, secondary market liquidity, shareholder management and intellectual property. For a company that was only recently established, Block X is certainly looking to capitalise on the combined knowledge of its founders and recent technology and platform changes that is leveraged through the advancement in Blockchain and advancing technology and functionality.

Through the Block X platform, members and companies can access information and engage products and services relating to compliance, shareholder management, corporate governance, and board and shareholder meetings. Coming from different professional backgrounds, the founders of Block X have observed and endured the bottlenecks of traditional corporate processes, and hold a unified vision of delivering and creating transparency, authenticity, insight within commercial activities. This is very much consistent with the principles and frameworks of blockchain technology.

However, Block X is not purely based on blockchain technology. Drawing from over 60years of combined experience, the founders of Block X understand that blockchain is not your average business management software and strongly believe in the added benefits of advisory services, training, strategy planning, and due diligence. Whether it be as basic as setting up a company register, to optimising your business case through smart contracts, liquidity and capital raising, BlockX is ready to help business owners manage their business.

Interestingly, Block X has already secured partnerships with both Australian and Singaporean based companies including Local Knowledge, My Knowledge Mark, and InvestorView International – companies which each deal in the categories of business that Block X has identified can be enhanced through blockchain technologies.

“The entire basis of Block X is to leverage today’s current technology to enable stakeholders and customers to interact with businesses and leading information and trends, to create greater authenticity and transparency of data flows in the market,” said Block X Chairman Richard Waddington. “We know how blockchain technology works for shareholder management and corporate compliance so it only made sense to tailor the technology so that its application and usage is broader. This could mean a new model for financial services, real estate and investing!”

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