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We make it easy for accountants, venture capital, private equity and lawyers to work with private companies on BlockX. You can securely access the platform to help your clients manage equity capital raisings, undertake compliance and regulatory checks. With the ability to provide a single point of access and control for your companies and clients, the opportunity exists for a central point of data and management.

Our Partners

Local Knowledge

Public Practice Accounting Firm, Sydney Australia
Boutique family office accounting firm providing accounting, business advisory and taxation services from small to large unlisted companies in Australia. Provides a centralised regulatory and compliance control for their client registers in Australia.

My Knowledge Mark

Intellectual Property Commercialisation and Advisory, Singapore and Australia
Providing intellectual property guidance and insights on registration of trademarks, commercialisation and management to ensure deeper value and opportunities for business. Utilises Block X for the management of initial and ongoing IP for clients.

InvestorView International

Investment and Private Equity, Singapore and Australia
Investment and private equity firm utilising and implementing BlockX for capital raisings for unlisted vehicles and structures and the opportunity to create secondary market opportunities for the trading of shares for sophisticated, institutional and wholesale investors only.
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