Our approach

Block X is your partner that provides assistance, guidance and insights through the combination and leverage of the broad range of skills gained within the global environment.

With an increase in demands for enhanced transparency, liquidity and governance Block X is able to impart its knowledge and expertise to provide the competitive advantage not only required to compete in the current industry sector but to provide the guidance to compete with new industry threats both locally and internationally.

With technology enabling consumers to interact both with local business and research international trends and information, the demand for knowledge, expertise and ability to partner with clients that have the future sight of the industry.

Investment Consulting

We evaluate ICO projects on the basis of big data using a scoring model and offer a comprehensive Investment Strategy.

Research & Development

Blockchain is revolutionizing our digital world and we want to transform the technology to innovation products.

Payment Approaches

We have undertaken research into cryptocurrency, stable coins and tokens, with a focus on future trends and opportunities.

Corporate Governance

We leverage our experience and expertise in corporate governance, reporting and stakeholder management to ensure parties are part of the transparency and functional activities.

Workshops & Seminars

We offer in-house and external training, seminars and workshops on the blockchain technology and related fields.

Intellectual Property

Leverage the invisible asset within your business and ensure that this valuable asset is well protected, controlled and commercialisation activities are maximised.

How can we help you?

Contact Block X team to discuss the industry applications and how we can assist you.

Every wondered how block chain and technology will impact your business?

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